Wish List

We are thick in the midst of gearing up for all the new activities we have planned. Translation: right now, we don't have the funds for all the things that could majorly benefit our ministry. We are seeking donations (or referrals for reasonably-priced items within a reasonable driving distance) of the following big items, in exchange for a tax receipt and/or cash:

* Funds or materials to finish the interior of the counseling office and retreat center. We have the drywall and insulation, but need flooring, heating/cooling, trim, paint, plumbing fixtures, and furnishings. Estimate of cost is $6,500.

* 10-12-passenger van (preferably a Ford, as we've had and loved in the past). We have outgrown our current vehicles (a 7-passenger Acura MDX and a 6-passenger Ford F150), and need to take two vehicles when we travel altogether when we have a child in care now. Only requirement is that it have rear a/c, so our children can get adequate air in the hot or cold seasons.

* 40'-60' round pen for equine therapy program

* Funds to purchase adjoining acreage to expand services into the next phase. Until now, we've focused primarily on serving one family at a time intensively to try and salvage their adoptions --- but with more land, we can add family bonding activities for local families, including the blindfolded obstacle course, ongoing equine bonding therapy, family bonding days with relay race competitions (requiring teamwork, and loads of laughter!), paper mache mask making, and more. We just bought a large grill/smoker that can feed 50+ people at one time (more, obviously, in batches), praise God!

* Gazebo (wooden or vinyl, at least 12' in diameter, as large as possible). During the week-long "Intensive" and family bonding camp programs, we will eat meals together with all three families (generally 20-30 people total). Having an open-air, covered place to enjoy the fresh air for a picnic would be fabulous ... and we can use it for Trust-Falls and other bonding, trust-building activities, as well as family bonding day events for local families.

* An 18+ hh Clydesdale gelding with excellent ground manners, age 5-15.

* Greenhouse (for year-round gardening and to reign in the waste from animals scavenging our seedlings and vegetables) --- update: we were just blessed with an awesome greenhouse for 1/3 the retail price, praise God!!!

* Chicken house (to raise chickens for meat/eggs --- we will not have chickens or turkeys here until we have a sturdy predator-proof housing that can be moved around the fields, as we've already seen enough bears, coyotes, possums, raccoons and groundhogs, thank you!) --- update: we now have both a two-story hen house with chain link fence and a portable chicken "tractor" and are rapidly filling our freezers with organic, soy-free meat and eggs praise God!!!

* Large outdoor playhouse/shed (at least 8x8, preferably 12x16, for the "healthy" children to play in while we work with the "sick" siblings --- we have a playground and fort for the smaller children) --- update: our new property has 1,000 sq. ft. playroom in the finished loft above the barn!

* Fireplace insert to convert wood-burning fireplace to heat home in winters for cost-savings and energy efficiency --- update: we just purchased a super-efficient wood-burning unit that heats the whole home!

* 10' x 12' or larger storage shed. We just converted the detached garage into a counseling office and private retreat (praise God!), but need another structure to store our seasonal items and Keith's tools --- update: God provided, praise Him!!